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“Tour 365” Spring-Summer 1968

I found this book at a Portland, OR thrift store. It’s a U.S. Government publication, much like a (very weird) high school yearbook. As best I can tell it was given to soldiers returning from Vietnam. This was obviously intended as a memento and more importantly, propaganda.

If anyone out there has any further information on publications of this type please message or email me at vergeoflight (at) gmail and I may add any pertinent details to this post.

I made a high res PDF of the book for anyone interested in downloading the entire document (50.5 megs):



Menhit on the left with Khnum on the right, shown on the outside wall of the temple at Esna 

by Steve F-E-Cameron (Merlin-UK)/Wikimedia Commons


The death
toll from India’s killer heatwave has topped 1,100 as people battle to
contend with conditions so hot roads are beginning to melt. Road
surfaces in New Delhi have started melting as temperatures hit a
blistering 45°C (113 °F). Southern
India has been hit hardest by the sweltering weather and many of the
victims are construction workers, elderly or homeless people unable to
heed official advice to stay indoors.


Günter Brus and Arnulf Rainer, Nein, Daphne, Nein!, 1984


The Abominable Dr. Phibes – movie promo photo


Auguste Rodin :: rare portrait of Camille Claudel, 1880’s


East beats West: Sensational Japanese posters of popular 70s films:

Japanese movie posters of the sixties and seventies kick ass. They always seemed more exciting than their American or British counterparts, managing to take choice images and compose them like frames from a comic book. Even when the posters were just cut and paste jobs there always a sense of drama, as if you have joined the story at a key scene—explosions blossom, machine guns rip, heroes do battle.

This little mix of classy posters show how good graphic art can make average movies like Caged Heat, Serpico, Black Belt Jones and Dracula A.D. 1972 seem like masterpieces. —Dangerous Minds

Vivian Maier


5/2315 – Day 143 – Zap! You’re Pregnant! That’s Witchcraft! NE Portland.