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1983/2014. A Janus Films release.

“This one-of-a-kind portrait of the great American writer began as director Howard Brookner’s Senior Thesis at NYU (with his friends Jim Jarmusch and Tom DiCillo on sound and camera, respectively).
Shooting and post-production took five years, during which Brookner accumulated multiple hours with Burroughs visiting old hangouts and speaking with unusual candor, as well as interviews with many friends, including Allen Ginsberg, Terry Southern, John Giorno, and Brion Gysin. Brookner would make only two more films before his death from AIDS in 1989, three days short of his 35th birthday.

In the years since, Burroughs: The Movie was thought to be lost. The director’s nephew Aaron undertook a lengthy search, which led to the discovery of not just the film but many precious materials found in Burroughs’s old Bowery apartment, otherwise known as “The Bunker.” [Some of the material contained never before seen out-takes of Burroughs: the Movie, including those with Andy Warhol, Patti Smith, Brian Jones and Brion Gysin]

The re-release of Burroughs: the Movie is due to coincide with celebrations of William S. Burroughs’ one-hundredth birthday, in the year 2014.



Karel Appel (Dutch, 1921-2006), Smiling Heads, 1976. Oil on canvas, 122.2 x 123.2 cm.

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Images of the interior of a German UB-110 submarine, c. 1918.


Miami: Art Basel Miami Beach Selected Works Part 3


“It’s like the appearance of ghosts” – Harrowing photos paint picture of life in Syrian refugee camp

Chemical weapons, live rounds, grenades and bombs have killed between 89,000-140,000 people in Syria since its relatively peaceful uprising in 2011 turned into a full-blown civil war. 

But civilian casualties continue to rise, even in informal refugee camps as food supplies have been cut off. While four main rebel groups war with government forces, pro-Assad militias and each other for control over war-torn Syria, thousands of civilians seeking safety in informal refugee camps face starvation. 

The largest of Syria’s nine refugee enclaves is located in the Palestinian refugee camp of Yarmouk, where nearly 20,000 Palestinians remain. They are dying of starvation, as government forces have cut off food and fuel access to the area in order to weaken rebel groups that have surrounded the area. 

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