Now Available_MB “Industrial Murder/Menstrual Bleeding” CS [Ascetic House]

“The elusive Maurizio Bianchi, arbiter of the Italian dialect of “Industrial”, presents the purposefully titled “Industrial Murder/Menstrual Bleeding”. Side A “Industrial Murder” is a definition piece, understated and angular percussive tactics matched with the jarring and absurdist synthesis that exemplify an entire spectrum of rhythmic study present in the pre-internet proliferation of the Italian underground aesthetic. Side B, “Menstrual Bleeding” follows suit from where “Industrial Murder” left the listener to digest, but with a pace slightly slowed. Recorded in 1982 and originally released in its entirety in 1992 on Banned Production, Ascetic House offers the listener an anthropological effort, a broadening of the documentary effort in a new/old format, the cassette.”