Fuyuko Matsui’s work is creepy without being cliché, which is a rarity in the contemporary figurative work I run across. Everything is soft, delicate, and wrapped in a sort of dreamlike haze—but these subjects are original Grimm, not Disney. A woman is pursued by birds and a dog who pull at her flesh, exposing highly precise nerves and blood vessels. Another woman poses for a court portrait in a long string of pearls that has been wrapped around her neck multiple times before draping down the length of her torso as she coolly sits in profile, a window opened into her bald head around which ethereal masses collect. A third woman strides across a piece, her intestines falling behind her like the train of a dress. Her face is that of a DaVinci Madonna with an enigmatic smile.

Fuyuko Matsui is doing this horror thing right. 

h/t Hi Fructose.