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Cosey Fanni Tutti & Genesis P Orridge


Eve Babitz et Marcel Duchamp (Man Ray, Los Angeles, 1963).Chess Match


Derek / Unseen force treated me to another Yale Union tour. I got to check out the roof, the current exhibit “Trees in the Forest” (highly recommended), and we recorded a shitload of racket in his studio down stairs. Today was a good day.


Chris Marker, born this day. (Photo from Commentaires [1961])


A decapitated statue of Joseph Stalin’s head on the streets of Budapest during the Hungarian Revolution of 1956.

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The hillside of the dead: Fireman Marc Sellares uses burnt trees to
make 1,200 crosses in haunting memorial to forest fire which ravaged
region. 1,200 crosses, one for each hectare of forest burned. The installment is entitled
El Bosc de les Creus
, or the forest of the crosses, in Odena, in Catalonia, Spain

Photo credit: (top)Xavier Gil and (bottom)Mark Sellares


Tracy Reed and the reflection of Stanley Kubrick during filming of Dr. Strangelove.


Antonio Rodríguez Luna (1910 -1985)