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mark pauline


Daniel Richter – D.P. II (2007-08)

Oil on canvas – 110 3/8 x 137 ¾"


Roland synth showcase


on the set of the  HOWLING (1981)


Nobuyoshi Araki ph. – From the Series PaINting, 2010


Justin K. Broadrick with Napalm Death at The Mermaid, 1986

Photo by Jenny Plaits.


“Amok Assault”
35 mm Photos (1991) by Sean Yager and Jonathan Canady

Since I
haven’t posted here in a while I dug up a little treat for you. Back in ’91 I
was in my first year of college and very much obsessed by the video tape by
Amok Books titled “Assault.” This video along with the writing of William S.
Burroughs and “Industrial Culture Handbook” pretty much warped / shaped my
young mind. My college roommate (and continued friend) Sean, was a very good
photographer so I “directed” him to take photos of certain scenes from “Assault.”
I don’t think I did anything with these photos until right now. I’ve used
pictures of CRT TV screens for years in my graphic design, more recently in my
visual art, and this was where all that started (likely inspired by bands like GODFLESH
using CRT photos for album artwork).

You can learn
more about the original “Assault” video here:

COIL and William S. Burroughs