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Dear friends and followers, I am now offering some of my drawings for the very low price of $15, which includes packaging and shipping costs. This modest amount for a single, original drawing would go along way towards supporting my work. It will also help me clear my over-flowing archives of material.

What you will get is one unique pen drawing by myself, about 9"x12" on heavy weight paper, signed and dated on the back and looking much like the example above.

These are automatic drawings from my sketch books, each one is different. The imagery comes from a sudden visual impression or a fleeting story in my mind. You’ll just have to be surprised by which one you get.

I’ve created a paypal button for orders, which you can find below. If you live outside the USA, however it may be best to contact me personally, since the cost of shipping may be higher. Questions can be sent to me here, on tumblr, or to

Thanks so much!

Alessandro Keegan

CLICK THE LINK BELOW TO PURCHASE:¤cy_code=USD&button_subtype=products&shipping=3%2e00&add=1&bn=PP%2dShopCartBF%3abtn_cart_LG%2egif%3aNonHosted



The Misfits


Spasmo (1974), Umberto Lenzi


Satan I – HR Giger (1977)


Black Sabbath, 1970.


‘First promo press photos of The Sex Pistols, taken in 1976 by freelance photographer Peter “Sleazy” Christopherson


Bobby Beausoleil,later to become a murderer in the Manson Family (in hat)-LUCIFER RISING (1967)

This film is actually “Invocation of My Demon Brother” (1969).


LE CHOLERA, Le Petit Journal – December 1, 1912

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Edvard Munch