Out of nowhere three videos from the very first Dead World show just got put up online. This was the Relapse Records “Nuclear Fest” at Wilmer’s Park Maryland in the Summer of 1993. We were honored to share the stage with many amazing bands including Deceased, Anal Cunt, Macabre, St. Vitus, and Brutal Truth. This show features me on vocals, Kevin Kopp on guiltar, original Dead World drummer Greg Knoll (from the debut album “Collusion”) and our one-time-only stand in bassist Joe Fortunato. Joe also edited these “Machine” and “Lies” clips AND directed the Dead World promo video for “The Machine” (click here for YouTube link).

Joe’s videos, above and directly below, are multi-angle with decent sound. The bottom video is of the full set but the sound is a bit rough. Many thanks to Bill Henson for staring this whole thing by posting the full video clip. Check out his MANY awesome YouTube live videos at the following link.

Thank you. -Jonathan Canady