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Raymond Pettibon

Captive Chains
(his first zine)



Ph. Richard Kern


Special effects technician Marcel Vercouter

and second assistant director Alan Green

test out the levitation rig with actress Linda Blair during the construction of Regan’s bedroom on the set of The Exorcist
at the now-demolished Ceco Studios in New York.


All the main DEAD WORLD releases are now on bandcamp with proceeds going directly to band members.

NOTE: “Thanatos Descends” is a fresh re-master by Tom Garrison / CONTROL and sounds better than ever.

I will not be re-releasing “Thanatos” on CD or cassette but if someone else wants to put it on vinyl please get in touch.

Thank you. -Jonathan Canady


New York in the 1980′s – The apocalyptic photographs of Steven Siegel