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Linda Blair passes the time with a bit of knitting in between takes whilst filming on the set of The Exorcist.



Richard Prince

“Bad taste creates many more millionaires than good taste.” – Charles Bukowski


Suez Motel in Miami Beach where much of Blood Feast (1963) was filmed. 
The pictured sphinx on the right was the one used in the title sequence.


Tuxedomoon Bremen 1984


From the source:

Bob Cutts ©Stars and Stripes
Long Binh, South Vietnam, October, 1968: A mechanic works amid an immense pile of wrecked and combat-destroyed armored personnel carriers and other vehicles as he searches for useful parts at the Long Binh Army Depot’s salvage yard. The depot was the biggest in the world, and supplied about half of the entire U.S. Army force in Vietnam. “Over $600 million worth of supplies and parts — from washers to 20-ton cranes — are on hand in the depot’s yards at Long Binh Post, the central supply yard for III and IV Corps,” according to a 1968 story.


With credit to the Madmaxmuseum, as a dedication to the late costume designer of Mad Max 2, Norma Moriceau.


Jenny Saville, “Study for Twins,” 2017


THE THING (1982)


The safe that ultimately lead to the death of legendary whiskey distiller, Jasper “Jack” Daniel circa early 1900s. Located in Lynchburg, Tennessee

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Steve Albini’s Christmas card from the late ‘80s