In the field of Power Electronics and related genres, Thomas Garrison’s CONTROL project exemplifies the upper echelon in terms of sound, quality of output, and respect. In August 2021, Thomas was diagnosed with Stage 2 Prostate Cancer. Anyone familiar with the state of the US healthcare system knows that any serious illness is massively expensive. Although a charity drive was launched immediately by our mutual friend Marcus LaBontĂ© (Cloister Recordings), donations have predictable waned. Thankfully, due to the aforementioned respect, many of Thomas’ peers were ready to show their support, not just monetarily, but also by creating exclusive tracks for this compilation. 

This is not music full of sweetness and light. The artists here have not shied away from expressing negative feelings related to Thomas’ situation, or echoing their own experiences with other loved ones who have had to bear similar burdens. But this makes perfect sense while showing support, admiration, and love for a peer who unflinchingly exorcises his own demons on record and stage. 

All sales of this compilation will go to Thomas ASAP. In addition, the latest CONTROL album is available at (all digital sales have been pledged by the label to Thomas) and his past catalogue is at (which pays his PayPal directly). The GoFundMe campaign is still up at if you would like to make a donation without a purchase, or give beyond the price of the music.