is the home of all things relating to the experimental music of Jonathan Paul Canady (hailing originally from Denver, Colorado). The name Malsonus (a made up word from the latin “evil” and “sound”) comes from a record label I ran from 1995 to 2000. In 2009 I reanimated the label to put out three releases by my project NIGHTMARES (with David Reed and Mark Solotroff). More Malsonus releases are on the horizon as well. There will be no regular release schedule but you can expect to see a new release from time to time. Click here for the Malsonus Discography.

My first serious musical venture in the music underground began in 1991 with the industrial metal band DEAD WORLD which disbanded in 1999. A significant proportion of the music of DEAD WORLD was non-rhythmic dark experimental.

My interest in this type of sound lead to the formation of a purely experimental side project called TORTURE CHAMBER in 1993. The band essentially broke up in 1995 and led to my beginning DEATHPILE that same year.

DEATHPILE began as a varied experimental / noise project but quickly became pure power electronics (harsh electronic noise with vocals) after the debut release. From 1995 to early 2004 DEATHPILE recorded many albums that were released on cassette, vinyl and CD internationally and performed live sporadically in Colorado, Chicago and on the East Coast.

During this same time period I collaborated with other experimental artists under the names BLUNT FORCE TRAUMA (w/ GRUNTSPLATTER’s Scott Candey), HOLLOW EARTH (w/ YEN POX / BLOOD BOX’s Michael Hensley) and THE URGE WITHIN (w/ DEATHPILE keyboardist David E. Williams).

In the Summer of 2002 I began creating heavy electronic music as a solo artist under the name ANGEL OF DECAY and put out several releases on labels all over the world. The ANGEL OF DECAY project was retired in 2008.

In 2009 I began recording with the projects SEXUAL ASSAULT RIFLE and NIGHTMARES. Over the last few years I also completed the soundtrack to the independent movie “The Mind” (see trailer here) and contributed to the music for the short feature “The Secret Door” and Pieter Schoolwerth’s video art piece “Your Vacuum Sucks” (related interview here). As of 2010 I started recording and performing under my own name, and integrated my experimental music with my work as a visual artist (click here for an example). This has expanded in 2022 into my recording-only project Shadow Structure.

-Jonathan Canady 12.2.22