IF YOU ARE LOOKING FOR MY RELEASES: I suggest you try discogs.com (this linked search includes releases I have done graphic design work on too). If you can’t find what you’re looking for there, do a “searches you follow” on eBay. I’ve found a lot of great stuff that way. Happy hunting! -Jonathan

+ MALSONUS RELATED LINKS + (updated 12.2.22)

Listen to and buy digital downloads of new and out-of-print recordings.

My latest project – stream and buy digital downloads. Read more about Shadow Structure here.

Listen to and buy digital downloads of all the main DEAD WORLD releases. Includes a re-master of “Thanatos Descends” by Thomas Garrison / CONTROL.

Listen to and buy official digital downloads of “G.R.” and more.

The online home for my visual art.

@vergeoflight Instagram
My visual art on Instagram.

NIGHTMARES on Bandcamp
My dark analog synth project with David Reed and Mark Solotroff. This page features the four “studio” releases and recordings of all seven of our 2009 live shows. Everything is available to listen to / purchase.

Anomalous Cinema
My own streaming movie recommendation site. Covering cult to arthouse genres on Amazon Prime, Netflix, and Hulu.

Malsonus T.V.
My YouTube Favorites and original videos.


@AOP Isaac
Isaac Williams runs the movie production company American Original Pictures. He is the man behind “The Mind”
(independent horror feature with a soundtrack by Jonathan Canady – click here for trailer).
Click here for Issac’s Soundcloud (lots of excellent free mixes).

Long time supporter and home of INTRINSIC ACTION, BLOODYMINDED & NIGHTMARES et al. Bloodlust! is the best current experimental/noise label out there. Check the excellent Bloodlust! online store here.

Cipher Productions
Chris Groves has been a friend for years, and runs one of the best noise labels on Earth. Click here for a direct link to his online store.

Chondritic Sound
“Psychedelic industrial death noise” label from L.A. that released the “At The End of the Rope” compilation and J.C.’s “Am I Dreaming?” tape.

Crionic Mind
Long time cohort Scott Candey’s various activities. The home of GRUNTSPLATTER and a whole lot more.

Hospital Productions
Experimental label that released the D.P. “G.R.” CD / LP, “The Sound of Sadism” LP and Destructivist CS.

Mute Elation
Ex-DEATHPILE member and close friend Don Poe’s music and video production work.

Noisextra Podcast
Greh Holger (Hive Mind) and The Connellys (Clay Rendering) host THE noise music podcast. The 11.20.19 episode features DEATHPILE’s “Ne Plus Ultra.”
Also the 5.6.20 episode features me talking about SPK.

David Reed
The man behind the excellent synth projects LUASA RAELON & ENVENOMIST (+ more) and one of the members of NIGHTMARES.

America’s place to go for pure noise with an extensive distro list. RRRon RRRules.

Self Abuse Records
Superior label/distro that brought you several DEATHPILE releases.

Timeless Shop
Long time friend / BLOODYMINDED member Xavier Laradji’s mondo art distro. An amazing selection of strange and wonderful books, prints and other things.

Unseen Force
Derrick Spotts and I collaborated on the Destructivist release, and his own projects and label are fantastic.

David E. Williams
Ex-DEATHPILE / THE URGE WITHIN keyboardist/engineer’s site for his solo work.

Wolf Eyes
These guys have been generous supporters of my work for several years now.
The above site has links to their various websites.