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My album “Empty Box” is now available. The tape / box version is sold out from Cipher Productions but the following distros have / will have a few copies as of 10.23.22 or so: Sentimental Youth, Scream & Writhe, Cloister, Self Abuse, and White Centipede.

You can also listen to / order the digital version here:

“Empty Box” is over an hour of heavy electronics, individually dubbed on chrome cassettes, and limited to 57 copies. Each tape is housed in a 5″ box that also contains liner notes, and one of my original drawings from the “Empty Faces” series that is featured on this release (you can see more here). 57 drawings were individually ripped up and put into envelopes for every copy. The artwork can be reassembled and framed if you like (scroll down for example photos).

As I mentioned previously, there is also a digital-only mix of the album titled “Nichts” available on Bandcamp here.

A huge thank you to Chris Groves / Cipher Productions for doing the release (and for the top photo). Photo below by Joe McDonald (thanks!).



My latest analog synth noise / heavy electronics release is available now. It is a digital-only instrumental version of my tape release “Empty Box” – coming very soon on Cipher Productions.

Also, here is a live video from my live performance last Friday (using some of the same instruments as “Nichts”).

If you enjoy either, please spread the word.

Thanks. -Jonathan

Here’s a few quick links to some new stuff…

You can hear another debut track / read a review of the upcoming HIGH STRANGE album over at The Oblisk. AND check out the track premier of “Evil is Life” over at Outlaws of the Sun.

As of 8.27 all of the songs from HIGH STRANGE “Woe Upon Man” are streaming on Bandcamp, and all pre-orders have shipped.

Adel Souto released a zine of my art called “Visage.” Learn more / order here.

Terence Hannum released an entirely different art zine for me titled “Unpublished Drawings.” Click here for info / to order.

Thank you. -Jonathan

You can hear one track from a new project I am part of, HIGH STRANGE, over on Cvlt Nation.

Pre-order the Cassette or LP from our forthcoming album “Woe Upon Man” over on Bandcamp.

Lyrically based on August Strindberg’s “A Dream Play” HIGH STRANGE infuses their dark heaviness with a surrealistic edge. “Woe Upon Man” is a depraved cacophony of metal and noise primitivism, injecting blasts of fetid doom with mangled thrash. Massive slabs of rotted noise and low-end rumble into a seething mass of claustrophobic horror, creating a diverse and mind-blowing avant-heaviness.

releases July 16, 2021


Jonathan Canady: vocals, electronics
Jay Newman (Unearthly Trance / Abandoner / Staffsmen): bass, moog, apprehension engine
Conor Hickey (Brain Slug / Born Sinner): guitar
Joe Branciforte (Carnivore A.D. / All Out War): drums

Thanks. -Jonathan