NOISEXTRA_25_DEATHPILEThe NOISETXTRA Podcast did a deep dive into DEATHPILE’s “Ne Plus Ultra” – check it out here. Many thanks to Greh and The Connellys for their kind words. -J


I’ve made a digital version of “Ne Plus Ultra” available with all proceeds going towards healthcare expenses for Keith Brewer (Taint / Mania). The more you pay the more Keith gets. Thank you. -Jonathan


My Pasolini-inspired paintings will be in a pop-up exhibition / concert tomorrow night in Rome.

Facebook event page here:

Thank you. -J

I just discovered this excellent quality video of my Torment is Flesh performance from earlier this year. The audio is totally blown out but the camera work makes it worth watching. Thank you Blueheronvideo for filming and making this available.



This Saturday June 20th my solo exhibition “My Dark Hunger” opens in Italy. It will include an exclusive analog synth soundtrack as well as a special performance by Nicola from Fecalove. Read more about it here (text in Italian):

Facebook event page:

Thanks. -JPC

IMG_1650(Jonathan Canady live @Torment Is Flesh 2 – photos by Ashley Frutiger)

You can watch a 10 minute edit of the live soundtrack to my video art piece “The Unspeakable” from last month at the following link:

Thank you. -Jonathan



Click here for the Facebook event page:


My new solo heavy analog synth release is currently available on Bandcamp. It’s a name-your-price download. UPDATE: The cassette version (limited to 25) is SOLD OUT.

Just a reminder, I am also playing live in Portland on Thursday, February 7th. For details go to:

Thanks. -j


Click here for more info:

(My own recent photo shot off an analog TV screen)

I deleted my tumblr scan-lines because of the site’s new ban on adult content. Thankfully wordpress managed to transfer over the majority of my blog to this site. My apologies for the bad automatic formatting. All the random “untitled” posts going back to April, 2015 are from scan-lines and I will leave them pretty much as-is for those that want to browse them. Scrolling through these posts will be much easier using the link with a smart phone.

Thank you. -J