I am happy to report that I contributed analog synth to two tracks on the new UNEARTHLY TRANCE split w/PRIMITIVE MAN on Relapse Records. Click here to stream and/or order.

Also, DEATHPILE – Exhumed is available on cassette from Kitty Play records. You can order direct from the label here or also on discogs here.

Thanks. -Jonathan Canady


I have a heavy synth / noise collaboration track with Derrick Spotts (Purity of Essence / Unseen Force) on a new compilation tape. This release also features Mania, Wonderland Club, No Dreams, Vasculae, and Deterge. Warning – THE ART IS VERY NSFW!

UPDATE – This release is now sold out but there’s one copy for sale on discogs.

Thank you. -Jonathan Canady


All the main DEAD WORLD releases are now on bandcamp with proceeds going directly to band members.

NOTE: “Thanatos Descends” is a fresh re-master by Tom Garrison / CONTROL and sounds better than ever.

I will not be re-releasing “Thanatos” on CD or cassette but if someone else wants to put it on vinyl please get in touch.

Thank you. -Jonathan Canady



Out of nowhere three videos from the very first Dead World show just got put up online. This was the Relapse Records “Nuclear Fest” at Wilmer’s Park Maryland in the Summer of 1993. We were honored to share the stage with many amazing bands including Deceased, Anal Cunt, Macabre, St. Vitus, and Brutal Truth. This show features me on vocals, Kevin Kopp on guiltar, original Dead World drummer Greg Knoll (from the debut album “Collusion”) and our one-time-only stand in bassist Joe Fortunato. Joe also edited these “Machine” and “Lies” clips AND directed the Dead World promo video for “The Machine” (click here for YouTube link).

Joe’s videos, above and directly below, are multi-angle with decent sound. The bottom video is of the full set but the sound is a bit rough. Many thanks to Bill Henson for staring this whole thing by posting the full video clip. Check out his MANY awesome YouTube live videos at the following link.

Thank you. -Jonathan Canady


I will be performing a set of heavy analog synth electronics as well as presenting the first-ever screening of my “Basement” video art series on October 15th in Portland, OR.

Click here for the Facebook event page.

Click here for more info on “Basement” (including video clips and free MP3s).


A digital compilation of early Deathpile material (including one previously unreleased track) is now available on bandcamp.

Also check out the recent book “Fight Your Own War” which features an extended interview with me on the history of Deathpile. Available here on Amazon.

In other news you can see a video edit of my one and only 2016 live performance here on my vimeo page.

Thank you. -Jonathan Canady


Next Saturday I will be doing a live analog synth set featuring a performance art piece by my good friend Peggy Pfenninger. I’m psyched to play with my old Hollow Earth buddy Michael / Blood Box for the first time and of course Control. If you’re in the PDX region try and check it out.



The Listen And Die! 6xLP Box set is out now (featuring DEATHPILE and some of the very best of the 90’s power electronics / noise scene).

More info / order: http://www.urashima.it/news.html

Here’s my latest heavy analog synth release and it’s a free download.

This is an alternate soundtrack to my video art piece “Composite Video” that I performed live in Eugene, OR this past Saturday.



I am playing my first West Coast show later this month. See you in the pit?

Click here for the Facebook event page.