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Deathpile – Exhumed

A digital compilation of early tracks (including one previously unreleased).


Times Square Subway Station, ca. 1977


Have been trying to find the artist behind this for ages, now I have!!

Albrecht Altdorfer – The Battle of Alexander at Issus (c.1529)


3-D Monsters #1 (1964)


In the 1991 Gulf War, American pilots bombed a retreating Iraqi convoy. Most US media declined to publish this photo.

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Show Palace de Paris, 670-2 8th Avenue

Photo by Peter Vronsky


Pazi, oštar spomenik! Aleksandar Zarin, Spomenik revoluciji (Ada); Janez Boljka, Spomenik zarobljenicima i borcima (Ljubljana); Dušan Džamonja, Spomenik decembarskim žrtvama (Zagreb); Mirko Ostoja, Spomenik Ivi Loli RIbaru (Suho Polje).


Luigi Russolo (30 April 1883 – 4 February
1947) was an Italian Futurist painter and composer, and the author of
the manifesto The Art of Noises (1913).  He is often regarded as one of
the first noise music experimental composers with his performances of
“noise concerts” in 1913-14 and then again after World War I, notably in
Paris in 1921.  He is also one of the first theorists of electronic


Bloodyminded @ Varnish I. Club Rectum 2014

Photo & xerography by Derrick Spotts