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‘Mad Max’ by Frank Frazetta


Unica Zürn, Untitled (Pen, Ink and Mascara Drawing) 1964


Members of the Women’s Royal Naval Service

operating the codebreaking Colossus computer, Bletchley Park, 1942 (via wired)


I’ve been hoping to find a copy of B.G.K.’s Jonestown Aloha! LP from 1984 on R Radical Records since about 1987. Never once have I seen this record in a store anywhere, at any price. Finally got one today, cheap, in the mail from an eBay seller in Wisconsin. Looks perfect; plays perfect. If you’ve never heard this album, here you go. It’s a rager.


Harrison Ford and Ridley Scott on the set of BLADE RUNNER. Still photographer: Stephen Vaughan.


Robert Rauschenberg :: a young Cy Twombly in front of ‘one’ of emperor Constantine’s right hands at the Musei Capitolini, Rome, 1952


7th Avenue between 47th and 48th Streets, ca. 1978

Photo by Rob Sherwood


RE/Search publisher V. Vale & William Burroughs. (via)